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Microsoft Project Course -- Cost and Logistics

Note: The following are typical course arrangements, but these are not necessarily rigid requirements. These arrangements can usually be tailored to meet the needs and circumstances of each client.

Location. Classes are provided on-site at the client's location. If you are an individual seeking instruction for yourself only, you may wish to consider organizing a group for the class.

Instructor's Fee. The instruction fee is a flat daily rate regardless of class size up to 12 participants. Contact us for fee information at 202-669-7601 or by e-mail to We can sometimes accommodate more than 12 participants in a class, but this needs to be cleared in advance. For classes larger than 12 there may be an additional fee, and the client may be asked to provide a "walk-around" assistant, to help work with any participants needing extra guidance. The assistant, if needed, should be someone familiar with other Microsoft Office Applications such as Word and Excel, but he or she does not need to have Microsoft Project experience.

Instructor Travel Costs. For classes within 30 minutes of Arlington, Virginia (one-way driving time) there is no travel reimbursement expected, other than tolls and parking expense, if any. For classes outside of this area the client is asked to reimburse all normal and reasonable travel, meal, and lodging expenses, including personal vehicle mileage reimbursement -- where applicable -- at the government-approved rate. Actual expenses are typically submitted for reimbursement after the class, with receipt copies provided for all individual items over $20. A per diem rate can be substituted for the meal portion of the expenses if preferred by the client. In the case of classes requiring extensive travel that cannot be completed during evening hours before and after the course, such as the West Coast and international locations, an additional fee is negotiated to cover travel time, usually amounting to 1/2 to 1 day's additional fee.

Classroom and Projection Equipment. The client is asked to provide or arrange for a suitable classroom and projection equipment. The classroom should have a screen or a clean, light-colored wall available for projecting the instructor's computer display. The room should also have a whiteboard, markers, and eraser near the instructor's work area, or a flip chart should be provided.

Computers, Connections, and Software. Except for lecture-demonstrations, which do not require that participants have computers, each participant should have access to his or her own computer. All computers should have the same version of Microsoft Project installed. If laptops are used they should have external mouses attached, with mouse pads. All computers should have printer drivers installed so that the "print preview" function in Project will work properly. (This should be confirmed prior to the class.)

The "Instructor's Computer." The instructor will use his laptop, or the client may provide a computer for use by the instructor. If an instructor's computer is provided by the client it should be attached to the client's projection device, and have Internet access. The instructor's machine should have Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint installed. If the client does not provide an instructor's computer there should be a cable at the instructor's desk or podium to provide connectivity to the client's projection device.

Course Books. The most frequently used book is Microsoft Project Step by Step, published by Microsoft Press. This book is available for all versions of Microsoft Project in English or in Spanish. These books are easy to understand, are relatively inexpensive, and have a CD in the back with practice exercises. However, other books can be used if the client prefers. The client is asked to make arrangements for the course books directly with a supplier such as Please be sure that the books chosen match the version of Project installed in the classroom.

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