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Microsoft Project Course Outline

Copyright 2000, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 by David Hunsberger, Microsoft Certified Professional, MS Project (1995).

This outline contains the full course curriculum. The recommended time to cover all of this curriculum is three class days. Clients requesting shorter classes should review this outline and contact the instructor to discuss which lessons are to be omitted.

Part 1 -The Basics of Project Scheduling

Lesson 1 Overview and Context

Lesson 2 Customizing the Microsoft Windows Environment

Lesson 3 Opening Microsoft Project and Customizing the User Interface

Lesson 4 Starting a New Project

Lesson 5 Durations and the Time Scale

Lesson 6 Outlining a Project

Lesson 7 Linking Tasks

Lesson 8 Adding Lags to Links

Lesson 9 Date Constraints

Lesson 10 Milestones

Lesson 11 Working with Project Tasks

Lesson 12 The Critical Path

Lesson 13 Filters

Lesson 14 Sorting and Grouping

Lesson 15 Customizing Fields

Lesson 16 Other Views and Display Options

Lesson 17 Reports

Lesson 18 Adding Graphics and Multimedia Objects to the Gantt Area

Lesson 19 Formatting for Printing

Lesson 20 Exporting Project Images and Data to Other Applications

Lesson 21 The Organizer

Part 2 - Working with Resources

Lesson 22 The Resource Sheet

Lesson 23 Assigning Single Resources to Tasks

Lesson 24 Assigning Multiple Resources to Tasks

Lesson 25 Special Tools for Resource Assignment and Cost Estimating

Lesson 26 Managing Resource Workloads

Lesson 27 Resource Leveling

Lesson 28 Working with Calendars

Part 3 - Tracking Progress

Lesson 29 The Baseline

Lesson 30 Tracking Progress with the Percent of Completion Method

Lesson 31 Tracking Actual Hours with the Usage Views

Lesson 32 Earned Value Concepts

Lesson 33 Progress Lines and Updating Tools

Lesson 34 Issues and Problems Arising With Tracking

Part 4 - Working with Multiple Projects

Lesson 35 Resource Pooling

Lesson 36 Consolidating Projects

Lesson 37 Links Among Projects in a Consolidation

Part 5 - Microsoft Project Server

Note: Project Server is the subject of a separate course, and is not covered in detail in this outline. Contact the instructor for options for learning Microsoft Project Server in detail.

Lesson 38 Quick Overview of Microsoft Project Server

Part 6 - Miscellaneous

Lesson 39 Options for Acquiring Microsoft Project

Lesson 40 Support

Lesson 41 Certification and User Groups

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