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Consultant/Instructor. May, 1998 - Present.

Teach courses in Microsoft Project. Teach courses on Principles of Project Management. Consult to businesses and government agencies on project management, especially the use of Microsoft Project, as well as the use of Microsoft Excel for financial data modeling and reporting. Serve as scheduler for several large projects. Clients include:

Program Design Consultant. May, 1998 - November, 1998. Worked with a corporate team preparing a large outsourcing proposal to a major federal Government organization. Responsible for creating a research library in Microsoft Access, and for performing statistical analyses of large databases using Microsoft Excel pivot tables.

Wang Global, March, 1997 - May, 1998.  

Financial Modeling and Analysis. Prepared a financial model of private-sector retirement plans, for the U.S. Congress, building on prior work done at API. This model calculates changes in the value of employee benefits that result from hypothetical changes in retirement plan rules.

Senior Program Manager. Joined Wang after Wang acquired API. Served as program design consultant for the commercial outsourcing unit, which provides help desk and computer maintenance services to large organizations throughout the world.

Advanced Paradigms, Inc. (API), January, 1995 - March, 1997.
(API, a small technology company with close ties to Microsoft, was acquired by Wang in 1996, and Wang was subsequently acquired by Getronics.)

Deputy Director, Operations Division. October, 1995 - March, 1997. Managed multiple client relationships; introduced new financial tracking tools to reduce chronic cost overruns.

Financial Modeling Projects. January, 1995 - March, 1997. Designed a financial model of the U.S. Social Security system for use by Congress in testing alternatives to the present system. Developed several corporate budget models, including the API budget model used in acquisition negotiations with Wang.

Acting Director, Finance and Administration. May-September, 1995. Responsible for reorganizing the firm's financial and administrative functions during a period of company transition.

Senior Project Manager. January, 1995 - March, 1997. Hired to take over management of several troubled systems development projects. Renegotiated two large contracts to recover cost overruns. Regained clients' confidence in the firm.

Founder and Managing Director, International Telephone Services, Inc. 1992-94  

Created a corporation to develop and market a microcomputer-based system for international telephone communications. The system allowed clients in other countries to control a telephone switch in the U.S. Designed and programmed the firm's call rating software and client billing system. Firm was acquired by a larger telecommunications company in 1994.

Managing Director, AMS Management Systems Europe (Brussels). 1989-1992.

Invited back by American Management Systems, Inc. to organize, launch, and manage the company's first continental European subsidiary, offering banking software and technology consulting services to major European banks. Supervised the resolution of legal, tax, and staffing issues involved in the creation of a foreign-owned Belgian corporation.

Managed client relationships in Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, and Sweden. Shared marketing responsibility for client prospects in these countries and Germany.

Turned around three hostile-client situations where software problems had damaged the client relationship.

Economist, The World Bank. 1984-89.

Recruited into the Bank as an expert in debt management systems, based on prior work in Peru. Led a Technical Assistance Unit in the Debt and International Finance Division.

Carried out technical assistance missions to nineteen countries. Authored two handbooks, published by the Bank for use in training seminars. Organized two international conferences on debt management systems, in Paris (1985 and 1989).

Served as design consultant for the Bank's own debt reporting system. Acted as an intermediary to resolve differences between users and designers of this system.

Independent Consultant. 1979-84.

For the Government of Peru, co-managed a team of international consultants that designed a comprehensive system for tracking Peru's international borrowing. Financed by the World Bank, this system was the most advanced of its type anywhere in the world. The technical design of the software provided a model for subsequent debt systems projects.

Served as consultant for two research projects studying petroleum supply and demand in a crisis environment, sponsored by the U.S. Office of Technology Assessment and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Served as consultant on the design of automated permit tracking systems for the Coastal Zone Management Program of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

American Management Systems, Inc. (AMS) 1972-79.

Recruited into AMS by its founder and chief executive, Dr. Ivan Selin. Within four years became the manager of all non-defense federal government contracts. Set new company records for largest project and highest monthly revenues. Was the first employee to receive the title "Principal".

Highlights at AMS:

Became an expert in the design of emergency fuel rationing programs following the 1973 oil supply crisis. Helped direct the development of standby emergency fuel rationing programs under the Nixon, Carter and Ford administrations. Wrote economic and environmental impact analyses of fuel rationing.

Served on the team that overhauled New York City's budgeting and accounting systems in the mid-1970s. Helped define new revenue recognition principles.

Designed and built an econometric model of the U.S. economy based on a Leontieff input-output table, for the U.S. Cost of Living Council.

TransCentury Corporation. 1970-72.

Began as a staff analyst; became Acting Comptroller of this consulting firm within one year. Supervised the automation of the firm's accounting systems.

Volunteer, U.S. Peace Corps. 1967-69.

Member of a team that established and supported credit unions throughout western Venezuela. Taught accounting and business administration to credit union leaders.



Microsoft Technical Courses, 1994-Present

Harvard College, B.A., Cum Laude, Economics, 1967. Studied input-output economics with Prof. Wassily Leontieff, and game theory with Prof. Thomas Schelling.


Microsoft Certified Professional – Microsoft Project 4.0 -- December, 1995.



Classes on Microsoft Project presented at Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Business, 2002-2003.

Lectures on financial management systems at the International Law Institute, 1993-96.

Two handbooks on debt management, published by the World Bank , 1986-88.

Numerous technical and economic plans and reports, published by the U.S. Department of Energy and its predecessor agencies, on fuel distribution, 1974-77.




US Citizen -- Born in Washington, D.C.
Married with two children
Radio Amateur’s License, Advanced Class, 1976: WB3FNS
Professional photographer 1962-67; widely published; several awards.

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